Mu Server Plans
MUX1 2 vCore(s) 4 GB (DDR4) 40 GB NVMe SSD UNLIMITED €19.00/mo
MUX2 3 vCore(s) 6 GB (DDR4) 80 GB NVMe SSD UNLIMITED €29.00/mo
MUX3 4 vCore(s) 8 GB (DDR4) 100 GB NVMe SSD UNLIMITED €39.00/mo
MUX4 4 vCore(s) 16 GB (DDR4) 120 GB NVMe SSD UNLIMITED €59.00/mo

Included with MuOnline Server!

  • 4.5GHz Xeon Processor
  • SSD NVMe Storage
  • DDR4 ECC 2666MHz RAM
  • Windows & Linux O/S
  • Custom Firewall
  • Anti-DDoS Protection
  • 99.95% Uptime Guarantee
  • S1,S2,S3,S4,S5,S6,S7,S8,S9 up to s16 Server Files
  • Premium MuOnline Support!

Why Sovahost Is the best option for your Mu Server?


24/7 Support

Need some help with your server in the middle of the night? We’re here! We have a dedicated 24/7 support team providing fastest ticket response times around. We’re confident when we say we truly provide the best support in the industry.

Multiple Locations

We offer  Mu Online hosting in multiple locations.

You can choose between North America or Europe to ensure your players will have the lowest latency possible.

Multiple Location
mu online tutorial

Mu Online Tutorials

Our hosting does not include Game files, but there are multiple guides online on how to setup the server after you purchase the HOST, a great tutorial example is How to Setup Mu Online from systemfreaks.com