Minecraft Servers - Banning User IP Addresses with DDoS Protected Servers

DDoS provides a filter IP XX.XX.XX.X which forwards to your main server IP. When a user logs into your server, their IP appears as though their IP is that of the IP of the DDoS server. The problem this causes is it prevents server owners and administrators from being able to ban users by IP address, as it will ban the DDoS server from allowing anyone from accessing your server. To remedy this, you will need to simply use standard character bans, rather than IP bans. We understand this can be difficult when dealing with troll accounts, but unfortunately there is no way around this at the present time. Be sure to tell any admins, mods or anyone with OP on your server to NEVER IP ban anyone on the server as it will prevent users from accessing the server.


If you have already banned the DDoS IP from the server and are unable to access the server follow these steps:

  1. Go into the FTP or SSH.
  2. Navigate to the server’s main folder. (/home/minecraft/multicraft/servers/server)
  3. Delete the file called “banned-ips.txt”.
  4. Then restart your server.
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