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Are you good at Tutorials?? We Are Hiring!

  • Friday, 7th June, 2019
  • 16:48pm

Are you Good at writing Tutorials?

  Tutorials  program that supports people who create content for SovaHost’s public knowledge base. Through the program, community authors receive a personal payout.

The work of these community authors helps grow SovaHost’s library of DevOps, software development, and production systems tutorials—all based on free and open-source software.

What is the payout structure?

Typical tutorial content pays out at $10.

Most new tutorials are paid out at $20 ; complex production-focused topics may be paid out at up to $100 ; Video Tutorials are paid out at up to $150. Updates for existing tutorials, such as distribution changes, are typically paid out at $15 to $125, based on the quantity of changes and technical content.

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